About Me


Simone Dumas: Creative Director

I would like to introduce myself as the creative inspiration behind Edenwear.

I have designed and manufactured latex garments which have been highly acclaimed in the UK, featured in various photo shoots for covers and articles in leading fetish magazines Marquis and Skin Two. My designs have also prominently featured in premier UK nightclub events and fashion shows as well as a custom design being featured on the TV weather report which ran on BBC television over a long period of time.

As a product of my many years experience I’ve aimed to design something not only for the latex enthusiasts, but for anyone who desires their clothes to look and feel alluring and provocative.
I am able to provide you with an exclusive range of latex products. Edenwear’s range of designs include catsuits,evening wear, ball gowns, lingerie, leggings, trousers, corsets, hoods, jackets,T-shirts, shorts, tops and latex accessories.

Edenwear custom designs are specifically based for you on any idea or theme you have in mind allowing you to have as much input in the design process as you wish to create your own unique latex couture or rubber fantasy.

Through Edenwear’s unique latex products, commitment to quality and service we can provide you with a service which is unique to your specifications or business needs. If there are items or designs which you would be interested in stocking which are not in our range I will be happy to discuss your ideas and wherever possible arrange to meet your requirements.

If you are a business owner and would like to stock Edenwear garments and accesories please feel free to contact me by email or telephone for a complete wholesale price list.


“South Africa’s leading manufacturer of fetish couture latex design”